In the second half of 2010, the CEZ Group commissioned a modern photovoltaic installation in Ševětín.

FVE ŠevětínThe Ševětín photovoltaic installation is located in the municipalities of Ševětín and Drahotěšice in the territory of the South Bohemian Region some 15 km northeast of České Budějovice.

This area is, considering naturalconditions, one of the most suitable locations for afacility producing electric power from solar radiation. Average annual total global radiation here reaches 3.8 thousand MJ/m2.    

The power plant with an installed output of 29.9 MW should produce an annual amount of electricity covering the demand of approximately 8.000 households in south Bohemia.

The construction itself was carried out during most part of 2010. Carriers of polycrystalline panels are fixed to bearing piles fixed in the ground.