Announces interest rate on ČEZ bonds VAR/14, ISIN CZ0003501058

13. 1. 2012

Citibank Europe plc, organisation unit, ID Number: 28198131, registered office at Bucharova 2641/14, 158 02, Prague 5, recorded in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section A, File 59288, as the Administrator authorised (among other things) by the company ČEZ, a. s., as the Issuer to calculate the interest rate for the bond mentioned below based on the Agreement with the Administrator dated 25 January 1999, announces that the interest rate on ČEZ bonds VAR/14, ISIN CZ0003501058, nominal value: CZK 1 000 000, for a total nominal value of CZK 2 500 000 000 with a variable interest yield, was stipulated by the Administrator at 6,60% p.a. for the interest period from 26 January 2012 (inclusive) to 26 January 2013 (exclusive) according to the conditions of the given Agreement and the Issue Terms. The owners of these bonds will be paid the respective yield for the aforementioned interest period on 26 January 2013.


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