5. 1. 2021

All the way to the bottom of a nuclear reactor or to the top of a wind power plant! Energy fans can visit ČEZ power plants online for the first time

Restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus do not mean a red light to visitors to our power-generation operations, at least not for virtual tours. ČEZ info centre guides, who scored so high in December with some 1,700 school children and students with online tours of our power plants, will now unlock the secrets of power generation to the general public. As of 9 January, an absolute novelty awaits anyone interested: an online trip to the world of energy. “On a virtual visit to a power plant”, they can learn interesting details about each type of power plant, get to see places that are not normally accessible, and can compete for prizes. Of course, our online excursions for middle schools and high schools carry on.

Getting all the way to the bottom of a nuclear reactor, facing gusts of wind on the roof of a wind power plant gondola, or testing the temperature in the tank of a traditional power plant?  That is our brand-new January menu for energy enthusiasts who want to taste something good, after the ČEZ Group info centres had to close due to the ongoing pandemic.  From 9 January, they can again be there thanks to unique virtual tours of selected ČEZ power plants.  They promise an hour filled with learning, fun, and competitions.  Using the MS Teams platform, our experienced guides, who can answer even the trickiest questions, will guide our visitors to the emission-free nuclear power plants at Dukovany and Temelín, will show how environmentally friendly power is generated from water, sun, and wind, and will explain the inner workings of our modern traditional power plant in Ledvice.

“Every year, nearly a quarter of a million of people visit our info centres.  It would be a shame to deprive visitors of this experience this year.  We have adapted to the situation and, in December, we made some of our power plants accessible free of charge in the virtual world, at least to schools.  The interest was great, which is why we now also offer an option for the general public.  Thanks to virtual models, people get an opportunity to see even things that cannot be shown during regular tours, for example, the replacement of fuel in a nuclear power plant or the machinery room of a wind power plant 80 meters above ground,” says the head of ČEZ Group info centres, Kateřina Bartůšková.

How to visit the backstage area of power plants in January?  Easily and quickly.  You only need to choose one of our commented virtual tours at www.cez.cz/virtualne-v-elektrarne and register for one of the dates available.  For the time being, the offer will be featured while anti-pandemic restrictions last.  But this type of tour will be retained in some form even after standard tours of power plants and the operation of info centres are restored.

The brand-new virtual tours of operating premises supplement the diverse offer of educational activities offered by ČEZ Group to kids and teachers, despite the pandemic.  For example, the interactive talks entitled Energy – the Future of Mankind, carry on in the online environment; news and interesting bits are added weekly to the educational portal www.světenergie.cz  

What you wanted to know about the power-generation sector but were afraid to ask… can be learned from us, for example:

  • Where is the heart of every power plant?
  • What does a “nuclear block” mean, what does the work of its operator involve, and which is the most famous in the world.
  • What is the difference between a pumped-storage and hydro power plant?
  • Which part of a wind power plant is as large as your living room and what is it called?
  • Why does the water in the tank of a coal power plant not evaporate, even though it is 610 degrees centigrade?