Management commitment

“As the largest energy group in Czechia, CEZ Group is aware of the role it plays in society and its responsibility towards the customers, business partners, as well as shareholders and employees. Correct business and interpersonal relations are the basis without which trust cannot be built inside or outside the Company.

. I believe that ethics are integrated naturally within our business. Therefore, we manage all our activities so that they comply with our beliefs, ethical principles and applicable legislation."

Ing. Daniel Beneš, MBA

The commitment of the Company's management to promoting ethical principles in business activities, the conduct of its employees and business partners is enshrined in two major CEZ Group documents. These are the Code of Conduct, which sets out the ethical rules of conduct for employees and members of CEZ Group's statutory bodies, and the Compliance Management System Policy, which sets out CEZ Group's compliance responsibilities, conditions, and tools. In both of these documents, the Board of Directors of ČEZ accepts without reservation its responsibility in terms of applicable legislation and international standards for compliance with the adopted standards of ethical conduct and undertakes to create and develop the corresponding conditions, additional human and financial resources, effective management structures, and controls.

Detailed internal regulations and guidelines specify rules, measures and procedures in individual areas, such as training, preventing conflicts of interest, verifying employees and business partners, giving and accepting gifts, ethics, and follow-up compliance investigations.