ČEZ ESCO = Services and Energy Solutions in Decentralized Energy


  • is active in the field of energy savings, decentralized sources, lighting, and other energy products,
  • focuses on the development of integrated offers for industrial energy customers, public authority customers, commercial properties, companies, and municipalities,
  • offers solutions to customers’ energy needs especially at the decentralized level with emphasis on new technologies, efficient use of energy, and integrated product offers,
  • prepares commercial products and services in the field of electromobility (i.e. electric vehicles and related infrastructure) and the Smart City concept.
  • A part of CEZ ESCO Group are several other companies operating local electricity, gas, and heat distribution systems,
  • collaborates with regions and cities on EPC projects for public authorities (financing of energy-saving measures from future savings).

We are growing in Europe

  • among the main pillars of the new growth strategy of CEZ Group include targeted search investment opportunities in developed markets in the so-called new energy segment, where CEZ is active and wants further in the future to expand its scope and wants to become a major European player.
  • CEZ Group owns 92% of the company Elevion and is100% owner of Kofler (100% shares owned through these entities in other companies)

Through its Elevion group, CEZ Group’s German operations focus mainly on the provision of multi-technic services (technology in buildings) in the field of electrical and mechanical equipment of buildings. In 2019 CEZ Group purchased Kofler Energies, a German group providing a broad range of ESCO services, in an attempt to acquire a growth platform in the area of energy solutions as well.

Companies acquired in recent years in Germany, Hungary, Poland and other countries specialize in

  • services in the area of building automation systems
  • development and installation of electrical equipment and technical systems for measuring, control and regulation
  • design and installation of HVAC and cooling systems