Gallery of our solutions in Europe

Three Projects for Daimler

Project 1: Daimler Office V in collaboration with Salvia Elektro

Electrotechnical equipment - Construction of 4 office buildings 94 000 m2 + underground car park

contract value: EUR 19 million

construction time: 2018-2020

Project 2: Daimler AG, Bremen plant - Hall B80 Production E-Mobility (basic electrical installation)

Contract value: EUR 9 million

Construction time: 2018-2019

Project 3: Daimler AG Rastatt 2.0 / 2.1 - Electrotechnical equipment + electrical installation and equipment

Contract amount: EUR 13 million

Construction period: 2016-2018

implementation: Rudolf Fritz, member of Elevion Group

Electrical installation for Haribo

a new administration building and production and logistics hall (Grafschaft)

project: entire electrical installation in the administration building, e.g.

Power supply, safety power supply, data technology, lighting and general electrical installations

contract value: EUR 6.5 million

implementation: Elektro Decker, member of Elevion Group

Development of repair procedures for AirFrance

project: Development of repair procedures for the repair of engines and anchors for the aviation sector

implementation: Rudolf Fritz, member of Elevion Group

Cogeneration power plants for the BMW Munich headquarters

supply of three new natural gas power plants

complete replacement of the existing central heat supply in the volume of 70 MW of heat per year and at the same time coverage of own electricity consumption

delivery with a five-year warranty (include installation)

implementation: ETS (Efficient Technical Solutions), member of Elevion Group

Logistics center for original Volkswagen spare parts

Maintenance of building services systems

Emergency service and troubleshooting

Modifications of the technical systems

Energy optimization as part of plant operation

65 HVAC systems

2 Boiler systems heating capacity 660-4500 KW

Water treatment plants

120 Fire dampers

implementation: En Plus, member of Elevion Group

Heat for the grandstand and playground - 1. FC Union Berlin

area: new stadium heating center with power output 3,600 kW operating on an area of 325 m2 and consists of three condensing boilers and one block boiler room

project: the device serves as a source of heat and hot water central supply for a new grandstand of the stadium and existing lawn heating systems on the stadium and on the training field

the solution has reduced the stadium's CO2 emissions in a volume of 600 tonnes / year

a 10-year contract for EUR 1.1 million guarantees annual production of approx. 300 MWh, ie equivalent coverage consumption of 120 two-member households

implementation: Kofler Energy

Lighting of halls for Škoda Auto crash tests

contract in the amount of tens of millions of crowns (of millions of euros)

six self-propelled ceiling frame LED systems for the Škoda Auto passive safety test room in Mladá Boleslav

the solution enables illumination of measured vehicles from all sides and their high-speed photography (1,000 - 10,000 frames per second

turnkey delivery including cabling, control software and assembly of the entire structure

savings of more than half the cost of electricity compared to older technology

implementation: Rudolf Fritz, member of Elevion Group

Tempodrom Berlin Veranstaltungsarena

general adaptation of the arena air-conditioning system for an increased visitor capacity of 4,300 people

increasing the volume of air exchanged, addition of cooling function, substantial improvement of the airflow function

new capacity of air ventilation system: 2 x 48 000 m3/h

2 cooling units, each with an output of 300 kW

9 decentralized deaeration units, each with a capacity of 4800 m3/h

renewal of control unit and control system of the whole building

implementation: Kofler Energy

Test benches for Opel

project: Powertrain electrical installation for test benches

contract value: EUR 6 million

construction period: 2016-2018

implementation: Rudolf Fritz, member of Elevion Group