Severočeské doly

Severočeské doly operates mining activities in the Severočeská brown coal basin in two separate localities - Tušimice and Bílina. Bílina mines are a producer of low-sulfur sorted coal. The company annually produces about 23 million tons of coal and is the largest producer of brown coal in the Czech Republic. The range of production is very wide and the structure of customers is equally wide and diverse, to whom the company guarantees the quality and standards of the coal produced.

The company's mission is not only to mine coal for energy. He is fully aware of the need to adequately compensate for the use of natural resources in the form of smoothing out the consequences of mining activities. Thorough preparation and implementation of landscape restoration and ecological stability of the area after lignite mining is one of the basic components of the company's activities. For this purpose, the company creates financial reserves for remediation and reclamation and reserves for settlement of mining damages.