ÚJV Řež provides a wide range of services, including design, and engineering activities in the fields of energy, industry, and health. For more than 65 years we have been among the top technology centers in the Czech Republic and Europe. Using experienced professionals and specialized technical infrastructure, we are able to compete for complex engagements in all areas of our focus on both a national and an international level.

The priority of ÚJV Řež is nuclear power engineering, i.e. support for the operating units and the preparation of new nuclear units. In addition, we focus on conventional energy, heating, including so-called small energy and renewable resources. We fully cover the entire service chain of radioactive waste management. In the field of nuclear medicine, we deal with the development, production, and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals. In Czech Republic we operate 3 PET Centres - in Prague, Brno and the newest one in Řež.

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