Trading is gateway to the wholesale commodity markets (i.e. power, gas, coal, oil, emission allowances and environmental certificates). Through the Trading unit the sale of the power production on wholesale market is ensured. In addition, Trading unit provides the commodity purchases for CEZ group subsidiaries, which service the end customers. Individual business is also active proprietary trading pursuing profit within the approved risk frameworks.   

Trading takes advantage of modern Trading desk located in Prague headquarter, which functions as base to reach the key commodity markets. Nowadays, Trading is actively presented in almost all EU markets as well as in Swiss, Serbian and Croatian markets. Also, it is actively participating in both OTC markets and in the following energy exchanges: 

  • trading - ilustračníPXE (Prague energy exchange; power & gas)
  • OTE (Czech electricity and gas market operator; power & gas)
  • OKTE (Slovak electricity market operator; power)
  • EEX/EPEX (Germany/France; power & gas & emission allowances)
  • TGE (Poland; power & gas)
  • HUPX (Hungary; power)
  • CEGH (Austria; gas)
  • APX Power (Netherland; power & gas)
  • ICE (United Kingdom; power & gas & emission allowances)
  • CME (United Kingdom; power & gas & emission allowances)
  • OPCOM (Romania; power)
  • LAGIE (Greece; power)

Since the end of 2012 ČEZ is disclosing the fundamental data (i.e. outages, installed capacity and power production) of its units through the transparency platform of the EEX exchange ( in accordance with Regulation (EU) REMIT on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency. Furthermore, from October 2015 on, all standard power and gas contracts executed at organised markets are reported to the agency ACER and the bilateral (non-standard) contracts are about to be reported from April 2016 in line with the Regulation.

Moreover, in compliance with Regulation (EU) EMIR on OTC derivatives, central counterparties and trade repositories ČEZ is classified as Non-Financial Counterparty (minus) i.e. under the Clearing threshold. Additionally, from February 2014 on, the company is reporting all financial commodities, interest rate and currency derivative contracts to the trade repository.


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Bank account

For EUR payments
Bank: Citibank Europe Plc, organizační složka Evropská 178, Praha 6
Account number 200126823
IBAN CZ6426000000002001268200

Key identifications of ČEZ, a.s.

EIC code 11XCEZ-CZ------1
LEI  code 529900S5R9YHJHYKKG94
ACER ID A0000269Z.CZ