CEZ opened the public tender for a contactor of nuclear units

Energy company CEZ has opened the public tender for the purpose of selection of a contractor of two nuclear units designed for Temelin location. CEZ has published its announcement concerning opening the public tender on the information server providing a list of public tenders in the Czech Republic and the same announcement is expected to be published on the all-European web site as well. Apart from the requirement for delivery of two new nuclear units, the public tender includes a requirement for unilateral options for the benefit of CEZ regarding construction of up to 3 more nuclear units in other potential locations within Europe.

The public tender for a contractor of nuclear units is the follow-up step of administrative preparation of Temelin nuclear power plant completion. In July last year, the company applied to the Ministry of the Environment for   the environment impact assessment (EIA) of the considered completion of Temelin power plant.

The entire administrative process is going to last 7 to 8 years (about 15 years with construction of the nuclear power plant as such). This is probably the most demanding administrative process within the EU  - e.g. in France, the administrative part of the process of granting permission for Flamanville NPP lasted only 2.5 years.

The management of the company arrived at the conclusion that Temelin NPP needs to be completed on the basis of results of a comprehensive analysis, on preparation of which a team of analysts was working for a period of 2 years. The analysis assessed all variants – ranging from black coal import up to the most optimistic variant concerning renewable resources development.

Construction of new nuclear units is based on the applicable State Energy Concept and the Territorial Development Policy and, as an important part of energy mix, it includes conclusions of the IndependentEnergy Commission as well. Completion of Temelin NPP will contribute to future reduction in dependence on energy import from abroad and it will help to maintain energy security of the state and to fulfil obligations and goals concerning climate protection.  

Output, specific type of new units and their contractor shall be a result of the public tenderjust opened. The units should be light-water cooled pressurized water reactors of III. or III+ generation. These units are characterized by high safety, reliability and operation effectiveness as well as longer service life.

Advantage of the new generation rectors are lower costs relating to construction, a shorter period of construction, lower amount of radioactive waste and overall higher operation effectiveness. The new units shall comply with all legal requirements arising from the legal order   of the Czech Republic as well as requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency and other relevant institutions operating world-wide.

Advantages of the intention to complete Temelín NPP arise from the possibility to use the existing infrastructure and area, which is sufficient for placement of two more units and cooling towers. Most auxiliary systems, such as supplies of drinking as well as fire-fighting water, waste-water disposal system, railways and road networks, Hnevkovice water reservoir, as a source of process water, or Korensko balancing water reservoir, have already been built in Temelin location, which was designed for four units in total.  

Temelín location has underwent a successful and demanding selection procedure, under which its geographical, demographic, metrological, hydrological and seismic conditions, sources of water, road and railway communications or connection to the electricity supply network were considered. Placement of the modern units in Temelin location will thus mean the lowest costs relating to development of the location and the least significant impact on the environment. Completion of the nuclear units in Temelin is the best variant of a new source of electric energy as far as economic, logistic and technical criteria are concerned.

Among the most important advantages of nuclear energy industry, there are low cost of production, reliability of electricity supplies and safety of operation of modern units of nuclear power plants. Fundamental role is played by the environmental aspects as well – energy generation based on nuclear reaction is not associated with CO2 emissions, which means that operation of nuclear power plants contributes significantly to overall reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide – the most significant greenhouse gas.

According to the latest survey of public opinion (STEM Agency, 1,276 respondents, March 2009), 77 % of Czech citizens (among which 56 % of the Green Party voters) would respond in favour of completion of Temelin NPP should a referendum be held on this matter and this support has been increasing over recent years.

Ladislav Kriz, Spokesman of CEZ

August 2009