Customers of the ČEZ Group will be newly able to choose the SPOT product within which the price of electric power will be set on daily basis according to current wholesale market prices.

For next year the ČEZ Group has been preparing further extension of the product offer for end customers from several companies. The objective of such changes is to enable our company customers to flexibly manage the risk connected with the change of price of electric power. The price of electric power for subsequent day of supply for these customers will be set on the basis of the current prices on daily market (SPOT). ČEZ actively responds to a demand of large companies which after the fashion of western markets call for prices of electric power corresponding to the current wholesale market prices.

In combination with the product of Česká spořitelna, a.s. (financial derivative for electric power) our customers will obtain a unique possibility to actively and flexibly manage the method and time of electric power purchase and to minimise so the risk connected with the change of price of electric power, eventually to speculate on development of prices in future period.

For companies the existing offer of products, when the price is set annually, quarterly and monthly, extends of the product within which the price is set daily through market mechanism.

What it will look like in particular:

ČEZ Sales will supply electricity to a customer for the price of electric power currently valid on daily market (SPOT) and increased by the costs connected with portfolio management and undertaking the responsibility for deviation.

Portfolio management costs and the costs for undertaking the responsibility for deviation will be set in advance as a fixed price per MWh when concluding a contract.

The customer will specify the definite consumption for the subsequent day on daily basis, which will be the base for purchase of the necessary electric power on wholesale market a day in advance.

Ladislav Kříž, the press agent of ČEZ

September 2009