First turbine of Fantanele wind farm was connected to the grid

Fantanele, Romania – Yesterday (1st June) at 5:25 pm. of the local time, the first of a total of 240 wind turbines was commissioned in the project of the largest European wind farm Fantanele – Cogealac which is under construction by the CEZ Energy Company in the Romanian province Dobrogea.

The initiation of the first turbine no. FE-28 started up the first phase of the entire project comprising 139 wind turbines to be stepwise initiated and connected to the grid depending on the results of the performed testing and climatic conditions of the location. The second phase of the project (101 turbines) in the vicinity of Cogealac should be commissioned one year after according to the schedule.

Last week, the main substation was connected to the electrical grid by the Romanian transmission system operator, the company Transelectrica. Consequently, the first of four transformer stations 110/33 kV was commissioned and following co-ordinated testing by GE, CEZ and the company Transelectrica, the first turbine in the project was able to supply generated power to the grid.

More than a hundred of turbines in the first phase of the project have fully been completed by now and the work continues every day to connect them to the grid. In parallel with the ongoing construction work, these turbines are undergoing a series of tests to be stepwise connected to the grid. By the end of this year, reliable and safe power should be generated by all turbines.

The total investments of the CEZ Group in the largest European continental wind farm in the Romanian province Dobrudza will reach EUR 1.1 billion. The project is split into two phases in the vicinity of the Fantanele and Cogealac municipalities. The first phase of the project – Fantanele, comprising 139 wind turbines with the total rated capacity of 347.5 MW will be completed during this year. The second phase in the vicinity of Cogealac with the total capacity of 252.5 MW should be commissioned next year. The construction project will thus comprise 240 wind turbines, each with the rated capacity of 2.5 MW. The total rated capacity of the project will reach 600 MW, that is more than double capacity of the currently largest wind farm in Europe (Whitelee, Scotland).

Eva Novakova, Press Officer, CEZ Group

June 2010


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