Mobile by ČEZ Can Be Custom-Tailored to Everyone's Needs Without Any Commitments

The CEZ Group joins the Big 3 mobile operators with a more flexible and transparent offering. Mobile by ČEZ has been designed for those who seek attractive tariffs and services yet do not want to be bound and have to pay for what they do not use - from now on you can say no to fixed-term price plans and additional fees! Moreover, the existing customers of ČEZ Prodej (ČEZ Sales) can send short messages within the ČEZ network completely for free, and they can share this benefit with up to three of their friends.

The CEZ Group has stepped out of its traditional business and entered the mobile telephony market as a mobile virtual network operator. "It is a logical step arising from our business activities. We want to bring services that are important for our customers. Mobile telephony is among them. Most people have not been attracted by the unlimited tariffs of the big operators. And Mobile by ČEZ is here exactly for this group of customers. We offer them an extensive network of Customer Centres where they can at a single point settle their bills for electricity, gas, heat, and now even cell phone," said Daniel Beneš, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEZ, when explaining the new product's benefits. However, the offering is not limited solely to the existing customers of ČEZ Prodej; the new service can be ordered at the same favourable terms and conditions by anyone from among households and small businesses.

On top of the basic tariff called "I Pay As I Call", which attracts no fees, the customer can activate additional voice and data packages. Customers thus only pay for what they actually use. For CZK 200 monthly, customers can have a voice package called "I Call Sometimes", which includes 100 free minutes. Those who are used to calling more frequently can opt for the "I Love Calling" package for CZK 340, which includes 200 minutes into all networks. Data packages can of course be selected too. All voice and data packages include unlimited free calls within the ČEZ network. SMS messages for free are available to all existing customers of ČEZ Prodej. They can even donate them to three of their friends who also use services from Mobile by ČEZ. "Mobile by ČEZ can be used by the entire family - parents will make most use of calling, while their children will rather appreciate data.

  Our offering is very flexible, with the packages getting activated or changed instantly," said Zuzana Řezníčková, Executive Director for Retail and SME with ČEZ Prodej. The range of additional services is as broad as that of other operators - MMS, roaming or number portability are all there of course.

Bills for voice and data services can be limited by the Infolimit service, which will send the customer a SMS notification that the pre-set financial limit has been used up. Voice self-care with operators is available free of charge - it can be accessed by dialling *84 on a cell phone in the Mobile by ČEZ network. Mobile by ČEZ can also be managed at the Customer Care Line at 840 840 840, at the CEZ Group's Customer Centres, or via the Online Self-Care Application at At all these points anybody can also become a customer of Mobile by ČEZ.

Jan Pavlů, ČEZ' Spokesman

October 2013