ČEZ Opens Its Power Plants to Visitors: Welcome to the World of Virtual Tours

Prague, 13 January 2014 – Enjoy a view of the most interesting or commonly inaccessible parts of power plants by means of power plant virtual tours recently launched by the CEZ Group. Between January 13 and the end of February, a total of 7 power plants with 105 stops will gradually be open to virtual visitors. In the case of Temelín, it is globally the first presentation of such a tour solution among more than 430 reactors in the nuclear power plants operated all over the world.

ETE - virtual tourWould you like to walk all the way to the reactor pit of the Temelín NPP? Did you know how the Tušimice power plant looks on the inside after its comprehensive upgrade? Or do you just want to enjoy the view from the gondola of a wind turbine near Litomyšl? All this and much more you can enjoy by means of the virtual tours of the CEZ Group’s power plants, which have been made available just recently!

Every Monday, starting on January 13, at the CEZ website, supported by the Facebook profile of ČEZ, you will findthe first virtual tour of one of the seven power plants. The first one in the series was Štěchovice, where visitors can virtually fly over the dam and then walk through the backstages of two types of power plants – the flow-through plant and the pumped-storage plant. In weekly intervals, virtual tours of other power plant types will follow (see the table below).

Every tour starts with a panorama view of the location taken from an airplane. Based on their own choices, every visitor may thenvisit the most important parts of the power plant. All that coming with descriptions, technical data and other interesting information. The seven power plants will offer a total of 105 visitor stops. The virtual tour of the Temelín nuclear power plant is globally the first presentation of such a tour solution among more than 430 nuclear reactors operated all over the world. The project, available in English as well, has been created as a cooperation between CDI.CZ and the CEZ Group’s operation and communication specialists.

Location Power plant type Launch date
Štěchovice Hydroelectric flow-through and pumped-storage plant 13 Jan at 10 a.m.
Temelín Nuclear 20 Jan at 10 a.m.
Janov Wind farm 27 Jan at 10 a.m.
Tušimice Coal plant 3 Feb at 10 a.m.
Hodonín Biomass plant 10 Feb at 10 a.m.
Číčov Bio-gas station 17 Feb at 10 a.m.
Buštěhrad Photovoltaic plant 24 Feb at 10 a.m.

“The ever-growing public interest in tours of our power plants and in our information centres has made us decide to make the tours accessible also to those who, for various reasons, cannot come all the way to our power plants. But others may refresh their experiences and knowledge, too,” says Marie Dufková, ČEZ’ Education Programme Coordinator.

Nevertheless, the virtual tours of the currently scheduled seven power plants are by far not the end of the program. “Still this year we would like to invite all fans of and people interested in the energy industry to visit other beautiful places. We plan to use virtual tours, among other things, to open Dukovany, the first Czech nuclear power plant, to the world, and to do the same with one of the global wonders, the Dlouhé Stráně pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant, and also the comprehensively upgraded plant in Ledvice,” Marie Dufková lures the public.

For more information about the CEZ Group’s power plants in the Czech Republic, please visit http://www.cez.cz/cs/vyroba-elektriny.html

Did you know that …

  • The CEZ Group’s power plant portfolio in the Czech Republic includes 2 nuclear, 13 coal, 35 hydroelectric, 13 photovoltaic, 2 wind power plants and also one biogas station?
  • The subsidiary of ČEZ Energo operates some 70 co-generation units – small combined heat and power plants?
  • This year, ČEZ will see the amount of electricity generated in nuclear power plants exceed that coming from coal power plants?
  • The programme of comprehensively desulphurising our coal power plants in the 1990’s is now followed up by a comprehensive renewal and upgrade of selected coal power plants (Tušimice, Ledvice, Prunéřov)?
  • The currently ongoing upgrade efforts at our hydroelectric power plants, which will make them more environment friendly, will enable us to increase their production by 60 million kWh of electricity by 2022, thus covering the consumption of another 17,000 households?

Martin Schreier, Spokesman of ČEZ, a. s. for Renewable Sources

January 2014