On Friday evening, ČEZ shuts down Temelín's Unit 2 as scheduled. The reasons are the equipment inspections and refueling

Refueling, checks of the turbine and of the safety systems and the reconstruction of the circulation cooling water piping. These are only examples of the most important works to be done during the Unit 1 outage. Overall, the technicians plan to do over ten thousand actions and, above all, they want to do it within two months.

The Unit 1 shut down will occur after a year of continuous operation. The Unit produces electricity continuously since last year's March 1. “Historically, it is the longest operation period of a single unit between its two outages. It is very important that this was a safe operation with practically 100 per cent reliability, without any unit shutdown,” emphasized Jan Kruml, the Director of the Nuclear Power Plant Temelín. During that period, the Temelín's Unit 1 produced 9,4 TWh of electricity. During the same period, it consumed in two tens of tonnes of uranium. The coal-fired power plants would produce The same amount of electricity would by the combustion of 8.5 million tonnes of coal. For its transportation, a train two thousand kilometers long would be needed, which is the e.g. the distance from Prague to Madrid.

The technicians regularly exchange a part of the fuel during the outage. Specifically, 48 out of 163 fuel assemblies are replaced. An important work at the reactor hall will be also the testing of a new container for the used fuel. The first container from a new supplier Škoda JS took Temelín in the end of the last year. „Tests will continue in accordance with the work schedule, in the mean time we will work with fuel imitators. We want the work with the new Czech containers to be carried out as smoothly as with the original supplier,” specifies the member of the Board of Directors and the Director of the Division of Nuclear Energy of ČEZ Bohdan Zronek The really used fuel will be loaded by service specialists into two containers of the former manufacturer from Germany.

In addition to that, the technicians will check the turbine or safety divisions. They plan to implement seven tens of investment projects. For example, an important reconstruction of the internal surface of the piping interconnecting the cooling towers with process equipment within the machine hall will start. http://virtualniprohlidky.cez.cz/cez-temelin/

At the end of the outage, tightness test of the containment building around the reactor will take place. The important three-day test is carried out at each unit in four-years' intervals.

Together with suppliers, approximately 1,000 people will be included in the outage works. The start of Unit 2 outage is scheduled for the second half of June.

Since the beginning of the year, Temelín has produced 3,02 TWh of electricity.


Ing. Marek Sviták
Temelín NPP ČEZ Group Spokesman

March 2019