CEZ Air Pollutant Measurements

The stable measurement network of the Czech Republic National Air Pollution Monitoring, i.e. the air pollutant measurement network of hygiene stations, focuses mostly on coverage of population settlements. The measurements are made, in particular, in order to identify polluted air effects on population health, as a summation of all emission source effects, contributing to the air pollution.

The CEZ, a.s. air pollutant measurements are based on the need to collect information concerning company operation effects on the ambient environment. The air pollutant measuring stations, operated by CEZ electricity utility, are, therefore, ad-hoc stations, located in a manner allowing for measurements of air pollution caused by coal power plants, and minimizing effects of other pollution sources, such as local heating, in particular.

Results from CEZ, a.s. air pollutant measuring stations are continuously submitted, in monthly intervals, to the national Air Quality Information System (managed by CHMU) and further utilized within the CEZ company, for an assessment of its contribution to the air pollution of its operation area.

Measures, aiming to reduce air pollutant quantity, adopted by CEZ, a .s. in its coal power plants, significantly reflected, apart from others, in air pollutant quantity measurements. Such facts are supported, in addition, by the data presented on other pages of the web site, under the "Environment / Atmosphere / Emissions" section“. The pages provide information concerning air pollutant values measured at stations operated by the CEZ electrical utility, since 1996. The information includes annual, monthly, and daily average values of measured air pollutants, together with their 30 minute and hourly values. The data are presented as verified, and therefore are only updated after the process completion, i. e. in two weeks intervals.