Measurements of atmospheric emissions from CEZ, a.s. coal power plants

Monitoring of air polluting substances released from coal power plants is permanently ensured.

Four primary pollutants, subjected to emission limits, are measured continuously. These are emissions of sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon oxide, and solid state substances. Since 1996, additionally, continuous evaluation of emission limit compliance has been ensured, in all coal power plants under operation. Pollutant concentration values are processed for 30 minute, daily, and annual intervals, with emission quantity calculations performed from measured concentration values on a monthly basis.

Emission measurement results are utilized, additionally, for an identification of coal power plants effects in the air pollution.

Technology measures, adopted in coal power plants in the period 1996 – 1998, were substantially reflected in a reduction of emission quantities released to the air. Such facts are supported, in addition, by the data presented on other pages of the site, under the "Environment / Atmosphere / Emissions" section. There is information available, concerning emission quantities since the year 1991. Both annual and monthly values are available. The data are presented as verified, and are updated after the process completion, i. e. in monthly intervals, with a two week delay.