Monitoring and assessment of environmental impacts

The CEZ, a.s., according to the Czech Republic environmental law, CEZ is required to monitor, to what extent it pollutes the environment, how it utilizes natural resources, and what are the possible environmental consequences of its operations. Additionally, the CEZ, a.s. is required to provide information concerning its environmental effects.

The CEZ’ss, a. s. environmental protection activites include a registration of atmosphere pollutions (emmissions), in monitoring stations. Monitoring stations are located in the field, giving CEZ the ability to assess objectively impacts of the coal power plants operation on atmosphere pollution level, i.e. area emission burden. Measuring stations are equipped with modern instruments mostly used for automated measurements of dust, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide emissions. Measured values are received, in addition, in Emission Information System of Atmosphere Quality (ISKO) of the Czech Republic.

According to the Czech Republic law concerning environmental impact assessment, the CEZ, a. s. submits to relevant state administration environmental authorities, for their assessment. Specific documentation concerning an independent evaluation of environmental impacts of each considered construction project, operation, and technology including their changes and changes in utilization, are subjected to an assessment. The CEZ, a. s. activities, subjected to such an assessment, are open to comments and suggestions from the side of municipalities and the public.