Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

The nuclear power plant belongs to the organizational hierarchy of the CEZ, a.s., a joint-stock electric utility. The plant comprises four VVER 440 / 213 Units. The power plant major components (reactor, steam generators, turbines, and others) have been manufactured by Czech companies (Skoda Plzen, Vitkovice, Kralovopolska Brno, a. s.).

In October 2001, Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany was awarded an environment-friendly company status.

Within NPP Dukovany (EDU) area, additionally, a regional depository of nuclear waste (URAO) is situated , where all the operation radioactive waste (RW), developed throughout the entire operation period of NPP Dukovany a NPP Temelin, shall be deposited. In 1999, the depository was handed over to the state, on a basis of the Act no. 18/97.

Additionally, in the NPP Dukovany area, there is a spent fuel depository situated, having a capacity of 600 t, that was introduced into a permanent operation in March 1997. Currently, a construction project for another spent fuel depository with 1340 t capacity, to be located within the NPP Dukovany area, is under preparation. Thus, a sufficient storage capacity for all the fuel spent during 40 years of the NPP Dukovany operation shall be provided.

In the town of Moravsky Krumlov, there is Ambient Radiation Control Laboratory (LRKO), providing for an environmental monitoring related to the power plant operation. In the town of Brno, there is CEZ training centre, providing service to nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plant environmental effects, apart from usual energy utility influence (such as traffic, noise, social consequences, cooling tower loss, municipal waste, etc.), consist of both liquid and gaseous radioactive effluents, solid radioactive waste deposits, and personnel irradiation doses. The nuclear power plant design solution limits an uncontrolled escape of radioactive substances and ionizing radiation from technology equipment into vicinity.