Nuclear Power System

The Company operates two nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plant Dukovany consists of four 510MW units which were put into service from 1985 to 1987 and have been refurbished and enhanced later. The second nuclear power plant, Temelín, has two 1,000MW units which have started commercial operation in 2002 and 2003. The Czech parliament has enacted a Nuclear Act which defines certain obligations for the decontamination and dismantling of nuclear facilities and the disposal of radioactive waste and spent fuel . The Act requires that all nuclear parts of plant and equipment be decommissioned following the end of the plant's operating life, currently 2027 for Dukovany and  approximately 2042 for Temelín. A 2008 Dukovany and a 2009 Temelín decommissioning cost study estimate that nuclear decommissioning will cost CZK 17.3 billion and CZK 14.6 billion, respectively. The Company makes contributions to a restricted bank account in the amount of the nuclear provisions recorded under the Act.

Nuclear power plant overview
Nuclear power plant Installed capacity in MW Lauched in
Dukovany 4 x 510 1985 - 1998
Nuclear power plant under construction Installed capacity in MW Operation commenced in the year
Temelín 2 x 1055 Unit 1 - 2001
    Unit 2 - 2002/03
Contrasting the annual balance of primary raw material between NPP Dukovany and conventional power plants (of comparable power output)
  traditional power plant NPP Dukovany
input 11 280 000 t coal 1 500 000 tons of ore
output   total 43 t
ash 2 642 000 t  
CO2 13 500 000 t  
gypsum 563 000 t  

The summary information concerning nuclear safety of Czech nuclear facilities is provided in a detailed report, successfully negotiated within IAEA (

Nuclear Power Plant Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant Temelin
Nuclear power plant Dukovany Nuclear power plant Temelin