The Brno Komin Hydro Power Station

Komin Hydropower Plant on the river Svratka equalizes through-flow for MVE Kninicky under the Brno reservoir today, although it was built as a pumped-storage hydropower plant earlier than the Brno reservoir. It was put into operation in 1923. It has two horizontal Kaplan turbines with belt drive from the firm Storek Brno and two BEZ Bratislava horizontal synchronous generators, each with the active output of 106 kW. The design discharge of one turbine is 4.7 m3/s at usable maximum head of 3.2 m. The technological equipment is original with modernized electrotechnical equipment and with remote control from Kninicky Hydropower Plant.

At present, only No. 1 set is in operation, No. 2 set is shut down due to its malfunction. In 2007 this set will be replaced by a new set with horizontal Kaplan bent turbine from the firm Hydrohrom. The new turbo-generator will have the capacity of 140 kW.