The Kamyk
Hydro Power Station

The Kamýk Hydroelectric Power Station also forms a part of the Vltava Cascade. Its 10 km long reservoir links up with the stilling basin of the Orlík hydroelectric power station. It contains 12.8 million m3 of water, and it predominantly balances the fluctuating runoff from the peak-load Orlík hydroelectric power station. The power station’s operation is remotely controlled from the control centre at Štěchovice to start up at times when its output is needed to regulate the output of the national power system.

The 40 MW Kamýk Hydroelectric Power Station facilitates the peak-load operation of the Orlík hydroelectric power station. The Kamýk dam is equipped with a lock chamber connecting the Kamýk and Slapy water reservoirs for river transport. The reservoir was created between 1957 and 1962 together with the Orlík water reservoir. The concrete gravity dam is 24.5 m high and 158 m long. There are situated four 18 m x 3.8 m spillways in the right-bank part, next to the lock chamber. The 12 m high, 15 m x 85 m semi-peak-load power station works in tandem with the Orlík hydroelectric power station, and it is equipped with four sets of Kaplan turbines and the necessary electrotechnical equipment.

Its technological equipment is typical of a classic run-off-river hydroelectric power station. The power station includes a 110 kV switching station, located above the suction pipes of the turbines in front of the power station. In the event of a voltage loss in the power engineering system, the Kamýk power station provides electricity through two 12 kV cables for the Orlík power station’s own service consumption.

Generation Unit - Kamýk
Installed capacity 4 x 10 MW
Year of commissioning 1961
Type of turbine Kaplan

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