The Kořensko Small Hydroelectric Power Station

The Korensko Hydro Power StationThe Kořensko Hydroelectric Power Station represents another link in the Vltava Cascade, and it was built together with the Hněvkovice hydroelectric power station. It is situated at the end of the Orlík water reservoir where it was originally to be built as a submerged stage together with the Orlík power station. The reservoir formed by the weir contains 2.8 million m3 of water and stretches as far as the weir at Hněvkovice. The major role of the Kořensko water reservoir is to maintain a stable water level to eliminate hygienic and aesthetical shortcomings in the municipality of Týn nad Vltavou, caused by water level fluctuations in the Orlík water reservoir.

Energy significance of the Kořensko run-off-river hydroelectric power station is based on use of the hydro-potential created by the weir. In addition to managing the runoff from the Hněvkovice hydroelectric power station, the Kořensko power station also utilizes the water from the Lužnice River. The Kořensko power station was built between 1986 and 1992. It consists of a weir with four spillways, 4 m x 20 m, barred by 4.8 m high hydraulic steel gates, a run-off-river hydroelectric power station, and a lock chamber built along the left bank. The 11 m high, 24 m x 15 m run-off-river, low-head hydroelectric power station is equipped with two direct-flow sets with horizontal-flow Kaplan turbines. These turbines are closed by hydraulically controlled steel butterfly gates.

The power station is fitted with trash racks, a cleaning machine, and intake and outlet stop logs. Controlled outlets from the Temelín Nuclear Power Station are fed into the suction pipes of the Kořensko power station; their potential pressure head energy is utilized by a small 980 kW hydroelectric power station within the nuclear power station on the left bank. The Kořensko Hydroelectric Power Station is directly connected to a 22 kV public distribution network through a 6.3/22 kV outgoing transformer. The power station’s operation is controlled automatically by water level regulation, and is monitored from the control centre at Štěchovice.

Generation Unit - KoRensko
Installed capacity 2 x 1,9 MW
Year of commissioning 1992
Type of turbine Kaplan