The Les Kralovstvi Hydro Power Station

Les KrálovstvíLes Kralovstvi was built on the Labe river, above Dvur Kralove nad Labem, during the First World War. A hydropower plant that had been added to it was put into operation in 1923. It had two horizontal Francis turbo-generating sets with double boiler turbines. The plant was built for a maximum usable flow of 12 m3/s, but due to frequent failures of turbines, the usable flow was restricted to 9 m3/s. The total installed capacity of the plant was 1120 kW.

Due to technical and moral obsolescence of the equipment, the hydropower plant was thoroughly renovated in 2005. The original turbo-generators were replaced by two modern turbo-generating sets with horizontal Francis turbines with an overhung wheel, having the maximum usable flow of 12 m3/s and the output of 2120 kW. Owing to the difference of water levels above the dam and under the power plant, it was possible to avoid installation of gearboxes and connect generators to both turbines directly, so called „direct“. The original turbines were sold to the NationalTechnicalMuseum and the Municipal Office in Dvur Kralove nad Labem.