The Mohelno Hydroelectric Power Station

The Mohelno Hydro Power StationThe Mohelno run-off-river hydroelectric power station, with its two turbine sets exceeding capacity of 1.2 MW and 0.6 MW, forms an inherent part of the Dalešice waterworks. The Mohelno reservoir with 17.1 million m3 of water balances the runoff from the Dalešice pumped-storage hydroelectric power station, and also serves as its lower basin for pumping. It provides cooling water for the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station, and also dilutes its waste water. The Mohelno Hydroelectric Power Station was built simultaneously with the Dalešice Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Power Station.

The reservoir, representing a 7 km long lake, is a concrete gravity dam equipped with the hydro-technical equipment, i. e. spillways and bottom outlets. The Mohelno power station is fully automatic, and is remotely controlled from the Dalešice pumped-storage power station. It uses the primary hydro-potential to generate environmentally clean electricity.

The power station is located directly in the body of the dam, with the water being brought to the Kaplan turbine by a pipeline equipped with a quick-operating closing valve. Both the intake and outlet of water can be regulated by steel gates

Generation Unit - Mohelno
Installed capacity 2 x 91 MW
Year of commissioning 1961 - 1962
Type of turbine Kaplan