The Obristvi Hydro Power Station

The Obristvi Hydro Power StationObristvi hydropower plant was built near the Labe weir, 4 km above the junction of the Labe and Vltava rivers. It was put into operation in 1995. It became the first really modern low-head power plant in the Czech territory. Its technology was designed and realized by the Austrian conglomerate firms J. M. Voith AG and AEG Austria GmbH. The plant, working with the head of 1.5-3.8 m, has two horizontal turbo-generating sets with direct flow Kaplan turbines, PIT type, where gearboxes and generators are placed in the shaft in the middle of the turbine inlet system.   

The maximum usable flow of both turbines, controlled by industrial computer, with action wheels with diameter of 3.2 m, is 120 m3/s. The installed capacity of the plant is 3,360 kW. The racks at the inlet are cleaned by a mobile cleaning machine from the Austrian company  Künz. The cleaning machine carries a large-capacity container for rakings, which is exchanged for an empty one when full.