Predmerice nad Labem

The Předměřice nad Labem Hydro stationThe plant was built on the Labe river and put into operation after the Second World War, in 1953. Its technical twin is Smirice Hydropower Plant located 7 km up the river. After twenty years, Predmerice Hydropower Plant replaced a hydropower plant originally situated, together with the weir, about 200 m up the Labe river and ruined by high water in 1932.

The new power plant has one run-of-river type vertical turbo-generating set with a Kaplan turbine and slow-running generator connected directly, without gearbox, to the turbine shaft. The installed capacity of this very reliable power plant is 2,100 kW. The maximum usable flow of the turbine is 34 m3/sec and the head is 7.8 m. The plant supplies electricity to the 35 kV distribution grid.