Dukovany Power Plant Information Centre

Dukovany Power Plant Information CentreNew

The Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant is working towards maintaining permanent good relations with its neighbourhood, and is open to the wider public. Since 1990 citizens have taken the opportunity of visiting the Information Centre of the power plant. About 30 thousand visitors come every year to see the Information Centre. Just come in and see us to have a look!

Dukovany Power Plant Information Centre

Dukovany Power Plant Information Centre

For more information on opening hours and booking a tour, please call +420 561 10 5519 or e-mail address infocentrum.edu@cez.cz. If you are interested in excursion in other than Czech language, please let us know in advance, we will share the details with you. 


As compensation for traffic restrictions preparing these freeservices:

  1. Weekend excursions, which include the lecture, introductory film and the opportunity to visitthe plant site. Number of visitors tothe area per days limited to 16.
  2. Combined excursion Dalesice HPP (2 hours Dalesice HPP + 1 hour Dukovany NPP).
  3. Lecture on Dukovany using virtual power plant directly to your computer.

For more information call +420 561 10 5519 or e-mail address infocentrum.edu@cez.cz

Group visits (more than 15 persons) should be booked in advance.

Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

Dukovany Nuclear Power PlantInformation Centre
675 50 Dukovany
Phone: +420 561 105 519
Fax: 561 104 970
E-mail: infocentrum.edu@mail.cez.cz
GPS: 49°5'19.133"N, 16°8'42.854"E

The Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, with its installed capacity of 1,760 MW, is the second largest nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. Construction of the nuclear power plant made certain impacts on the life of the surrounding region. New people came from various parts of the country. The initial region became suddenly different. Something went down, and something new has been built. Despite the fact that the construction boom, and the subsequent operation of the power plant only influenced the life of inhabitants in its surroundings, the electric energy produced by the power plant is consumed across the whole country. Therefore, the modern Information Centre was established and opened to the general public. Professional guides working in the Information Centre provide visitors with an erudite explanation on the power plant and nuclear power engineering. All visitors can acquaint themselves on the exhibited models with the reactor and the reactor unit, deposition of spent nuclear fuel and other technical information. All visitors can take the opportunity to formulate a real idea on the functionality of the nuclear power plant using modern state-of-the-art audio-visual techniques.

  • Model of the reactor – Function of the control rod assemblies and system of the automatic regulation of the reactor performance
  • Model of the reactor core (Scale 1:1)
  • Model of a CASTOR 440 container – Storage and transport of spent nuclear fuel
  • Movable model showing manipulation with spent nuclear fuel
  • Model of the main production unit – It enables understanding the nuclear power plant as a complex but logical and functioning system 
  • Layout of the entire power plant, including the detailed pictorial and word explanation
  • Printed information materials

Virtual tour

New: Virtual tour!The Dukovany Nuclear Power Station is situated approximately 30 km southeast of Třebíč, in a triangle formed by the municipalities of Dukovany, Slavětice and Rouchovany.