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The Štěchovice Hydro Power Station was built between 1938 and 1947. The concrete dam with granite revetment is 22.5 m high and 120 m long. This waterworks includes a lock chamber, which overcomes the difference of 19.10 m between the lower and upper water levels and is unique in Europe, and also the reservoir of the pumped-storage power station Homole with a total capacity of 0.5 million m3, and two steel penstock shafts of 1.7 to 2 m diameter and length 590 m.Information Centre of the Štěchovice Hydro Power Station

A visit to the Information Centre includes also a tour of the power station. Štěchovice are situated directly on the7 EV 7, Vltavská Cycle Route.

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Information Centre of the Štěchovice Hydro Power Station - mapaInformation center of the Stechovice Hydro power stations

Vodní elektrárny provoz Štěchovice
Prof. Vl. Lista 329
252 07 Štěchovice

GPS Hydroelectric Power Plant Štěchovice and Information Centre : 49°50'46.496"N, 14°25'11.143"E