Ledvice Information Centre


Free excursion! The Ledvice Information Centre focuses on the traditional coal power engineering and it is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. In terms of topics it complements the other information centres of the CEZ Group focused on nuclear power engineering and renewable resources.


New: Virtual tour!


Infocentrum LedviceThe Information Centre provides a view of the past, presence and future of traditional power engineering.

You can also get acquainted with it in the virtual and interactive world of the Information Centre. Everybody can use a joystick to enter the large 3D screen and see what the power plant looks like on the inside.

When can you visit us?


Excursions are provided in Czech language. If you are interested in another language, please take your own interpreter.

For more information on opening hours and booking a tour, please call 420 411 102 313, or send us e-mail at infocentrum.ele@cez.cz.

The Information Centre was built within the ongoing complex renewal of coal power plants and construction of the new generator in Ledvice. Modernisation of power plants will result in further improvement of the environment in the North of Bohemia.

Take advantage of free bus! (Exit at the station "Ledvice úpravna uhlí")

The Ledvice Information CentreNew - Watchtower

After completion of the new generator, the excursions also include the ascent to the top of the highest building in the Czech Republic (150 metres high) providing an attractive view.

The tour is possible after a previous visit to the Infocentre based on a previous reservation at 411 102 313 or e-mail: infocentrum.ele@cez.cz

Watchtower Excursion Rules:

  • Only for visitors over 6 years old.
  • Admission for children is limited to the age of 6 - 15 years, only when accompanied by an adult who is fully responsible for the children.
  • In case of more than 10-member excursion, visitors will be divided into groups.
  • It is not part of the Infocentre, the participants enter the lift accompanied by trained staff.
  • Visitors need solid, closed footwear + distinctive vest, which the visitor receives at the entrance in the reception.

Infocentrum LedviceWhere can you find us?

  • Ledvice Power Plant Information Centre
  • CEZ, a. s. – Ledvice Power Plant
  • Bílina, no. 141
  • 418 48 BÍLINA
  • Tel.:  +420 411 10 2313
  • E-mail: infocentrum.ele@cez.cz
  • GPS: 50°34'39.255"N, 13°46'55.979E

The Ledvice Power Plant Information Centre is not located in Bílina, but close to Ledvice!

WARNING: expert guide services must be ordered in advance!