Renewable Resources Information Centre

Renewable Resources Information CentreNEW

Due to the current situation regarding coronavirus, all inspections of our plants and infocentres are temporarily suspended in order to ensure the safety of the plants. We will inform you of their renewal in time. Thank you for your understanding!

The Information Centre is located in the Art Nouveau building of the Hučák Small Hydroelectric Plant in Hradec Králové. It will show you all principles and possibilities of utilization of power resources based on water, wind, sun and biomass; it will also introduce the heat pump and geothermal energy.

Renewable Resources Information CentreThe exhibition features the historical exhibits documenting the tradition of the renewable resource utilisation as well as the modern interactive exhibits that will introduce renewable resources in an entertaining playful form.

The tour of the information centre may also include a visit of the Hučák Small Hydroelectric Plant. Hučák is situated directly on the Elbe Cycle Route.

For more information on opening hours and booking a tour, please call 420 492 122 660, 725 781 564, 725 781 565 or send us e-mail at Excursions are provided in Czech language. If you are interested in another language, please take your own interpreter.

Excursion is free.

Where can you find us?
  • Renewable Resources Information Centre
  • Křižíkova 233
  • Renewable Resources Information Centre500 03  Hradec Králové
  • Tel.: + 420 492 122 660, 725 781 564, 725 781 565
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  • GPS: 50°12'27.36"N, 15°49'36.24"E