Professional training of the personnel

A special attention is drawn to the recruitment of new members of staff to an employment relationship. Apart from selective interviews and tests, potential employees should comply with tests of psychological and health qualification, and complete demanding professional preparation and training. The training and educational centre in the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant organises preparation of its own employees and, partially, also employees of its suppliers. Basic theoretical preparation is provided in the Preparatory and Educational Centre in Brno. All employees of the power plant obtain the so-called Professional Preparation Standard, i.e. the list of the specified examinations and tests that have to be successfully passed prior to issue of the so-called Job Performance Authorisation. The validity of these tests is time-limited and the employee should periodically repeat these examinations.

Training simulator

Since 1999, a full-scope display simulator is used for training staff members in the power plant. It was developed by a consortium of the Siemens AG Belgatom and CorysTESS companies under participation of experts from the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. The full-scope simulator of the replica-tape unit control room developed by the company ORGREZ SC, a. s., Brno in cooperation with the US company GSE Systems, is also used. Since January 2001 this simulator has been included, after granting a licence by the State Office on Nuclear Safety, in the regular staff training system (training of the unit control room operators) in the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. The basic training of operators takes more than two years. Based on the successful passing of the state examination, held in the presence of the state examination commission, the Job Performance Authorisation is issued to the operator. Operators must repeatedly participate in simulator training every year, and every two years they must pass the state examinations.

Corporate culture

The power plant management systematically and purposefully develops the corporate culture and in-house communication system. Based on its level the culture of safety, attitudes and approaches of employees are also developed. The corporate culture level is periodically diagnosticated and appropriate measures focused on sustainable improvements are introduced. Evaluation of the working performance and working behaviour of all employees also forms a part of the corporate culture.


Specific requirements on utilisation of nuclear energy are defined in the Atomic Act (Act No. 18/1997 Coll.). This act, in accordance with recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency and requirements of the European Union regulations, comprehensively covers problems in the use of nuclear energy and ionising radiation in the Czech Republic, and defines the performance and competence of the state administration and state supervision in this field. The act stipulates conditions for securing nuclear safety, protection against radiation, emergency preparedness, physical protection, and defines the state guaranteed regime for safe deposition of radioactive waste and insurance requirements. This act is linked with a number of enforcing regulations, issued by the State Office on Nuclear Safety, stipulating details and methods of implementation of the duties determined by the state. The control documentation and operational regulations of the power plant come out of the Atomic Act, its enforcing regulations and the related legal standards. They have a key importance for reliable and safe operation of the power plant. In the course of recent years, most of the operational regulations were re-elaborated into a new wording that ensures their high usability and quality.