Ralsko and Mimoň

In the second half of 2010, the CEZ Group commissioned a complex of modern photovoltaic installations in Ralsko and Mimoň.

  • ilustr. obr. fve ralskoIn the second half of 2010, the CEZ Group commissioned a complex of modern photovoltaic installations in Ralsko.

The group of photovoltaic installations known collectively as FVE Ralsko and located kilometers apart from each other is located in the territory of the Liberec Region between Mimoň and Mnichovo Hradiště, some 25 kilometers southeast of Česká Lípa. The average yearly sum of global radiation amounts to up to 3,800 MJ/m2 here and the conditions are therefore suitable to generate electricity from solar radiation. In addition, the use of the premises also seems to be optimum as this was a former military area, which would hardly find an alternative use. Moreover, by decontaminating related areas currently used for photovoltaic installations and by increasing their value, wider possibilities for the development of the entire area are opening up.

profil FVE MimoňThe photovoltaic installations located kilometres apart have the following output: 14.269 MW, 12.869 MW, 6.614 MW, 4.517 MW and 17.494 MW. It is expected to generate an amount of electricity that would cover the consumption of some 15.000 households on the border of Central and Northern Bohemia.

The construction itself was carried out during most part of 2010. Carriers of polycrystalline panels are fixed to bearing piles fixed in the ground.