1. 7. 2020

ČEZ ESCO acquires remaining 49.9 % share in ČEZ Energo

ČEZ ESCO, a.s. has acquired the remaining 49.9% share in ČEZ Energo, s.r.o. from TEDOM, a.s. Until now, ČEZ ESCO has had a 50.1% stake in this company. The acquisition, which is still subject to approval by the anti-monopoly office, will transfer 100% ownership of ČEZ Energo to ČEZ ESCO.

ČEZ Energo was created in 2011 and is a joint venture between ČEZ (ČEZ ESCO since 2015) and TEDOM. The company installs and operates cogeneration units for combined electricity and heat production, with installed capacities from hundreds of kWe to several MWe. The company currently operates 134 cogeneration units with a total installed electrical capacity of 112 MWe.