18. 9. 2019

The court confirmed the obligation of CEZ Prodej to return funds to SŽDC

Today, the Municipal Court in Prague in appeal proceedings held in the case of SŽDC's action for the return of unjustified enrichment, confirmed the judgment of the Prague 4 District Court from 5th February 2019, which obliges ČEZ Prodej to pay SŽDC the amount of CZK 1,116 million plus interest and costs. SŽDC had previously paid it as compensation for the contracted but not taken electricity in 2010. The deadline for payment is 3 days from the delivery of the written decision of the Municipal Court in Prague and ČEZ Prodej will pay this amount within this period at the latest.

ČEZ Prodej disagrees with the court's ruling and will file an appeal against it to the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic after receiving a written copy of the judgment.