24. 4. 2024

E-mobility on the rise: In Q1, ČEZ network capacity increased year-on-year by 39% and consumption by 65%. More advantageous plans have contributed to growth of registered drivers to 27,000

*In Q1, drivers took over 1.8 m kWh of green electricity from the ČEZ network
*This is 65% more than in the first three months of 2023
*The total capacity of ČEZ’s network of public charging stands for e-cars exceeded 51 MW
*The 39% year-on-year growth in capacity is driven mainly by the installation of ultra-fast stations
*The busiest stations were in Prague and on the D1, D5 and D10 motorways

Over the last 12 months, the network of ČEZ public charging stations for electric vehicles has grown by 135 stands. Every fourth newly built charging station had a power output of 150 kW or more, which allows drivers to recharge their batteries for up to 150 km of driving within 10 minutes. The number of registered customers has also increased to 27,231 drivers due to discounted charging. All this is reflected in the volume of emission-free electricity consumed. While in the first three months of last year drivers drew approximately 1 m kWh from ČEZ stands, this year it is already over 1.8 m kWh. The network is growing thanks to funds from the Operational Programme Transport and from the ČEZ Group’s own investments.

ČEZ is supporting the development of electric cars in the Czech Republic in every way, with the most important activity being the rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure. In the last year alone, it increased the total capacity of the most widespread and trusted Czech public charging network from 36.7 to 51 MW. From January to March, drivers at ČEZ stations added more than 1.8 m kWh of certified green electricity to their car batteries, which is almost 2/3 more than in the same period last year.

“ČEZ is constantly increasing the quality and scope of its network. We have recently been focusing mainly on the construction of ultra-fast stands, of which we want to have more than 110 by the end of this year. Since January, we have also significantly reduced charging prices at fast and ultra-fast stations, and people appreciate it. More than 10,000 new drivers have registered with us in the last year alone, including 3,000 since the end of December after the announcement of the new and more favourable price plans. We expect that with this rate of growth of new customers combined with the construction of new stations, we could significantly exceed 7 million kWh of emission-free electricity consumption this year,” said Tomáš Dzurilla, Emobility Director at ČEZ.

On average, drivers fill up at ČEZ stands the fastest in the whole country, thanks to the highest network performance. The construction of new ultra-fast stations of 150 kW or more, where people can recharge their batteries for up to 150 km of driving in 10 minutes, is contributing to this. Charging hubs with a large number of stations effectively mean drivers do not have to wait for a free charging stand.

  • Most ČEZ stations have two charging points, so the network can supply green energy to the batteries of nearly 1,400 electric vehicles at any one time.
  • Drivers used ČEZ charging points more than 90,000 times between January and March this year. This was 55% more than the 58,000 “refuelings” in the first quarter of 2023.
  • The busiest stations in the network, with annual consumption in the tens of thousands of kWh, are located in Prague, in the Central Bohemia Region, and on the main D1, D5, D10 and D11 motorways.

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