4. 7. 2018

Fast-charging stations are popping up along Czech motorways. The newest addition is between Prague and Plzeň

A network of fast charging stations for electric cars is quickly growing along Czech motorways and enables travel across the country in many directions. The newest addition to the network is the two fast charging stations in the Žebrák area, on the D5 motorway between Prague and Plzeň, which has been built thanks to a grant from the European program Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Through this program, the European Commission provides support for the interconnection of Europe by building charging stations along the main TENT-T road network.

This allows drivers to recharge most of the battery capacity of their electric cars within 25 minutes and continue driving to the next city. This is no problem for the fast charging stations, which recently keep popping up along Czech motorways. This week, two “fast chargers” started their operation on the D5 motorway in Žebrák area. Dozens of others are in different stages of planning and construction on the main routes across the Czech Republic – from Rozvadov to Ostrava, from Ústí nad Labem to Břeclav. More than 100 will be built by ČEZ by 2020 thanks to the grant from the European CEF program. Others are constructed from ČEZ Group’s own resources. The network of public charging stations operated by ČEZ currently offers the services of 112 stations, out of which 54 are fast charging. For more, please visit www.elektromobilita.cz/cs/mapa-dobijecich-stanic.html

“Fast intercity travel requires the construction of fast-charging stations supporting electric vehicles of all makes and are compliant with all commonly used charging standards. The station located at the D5 motorway will allow drivers of electric cars to continue their journey towards Plzeň and the west border. We have been able to significantly speed up the construction of this type of station in the last several months thanks to the European grant from the CEF program for the area of Transport and following the necessary project preparatory activities. By the end of this year, we want to expand our network by several dozens of stations, for example, on the D1 motorway and on other important routes,“ says Tomáš Chmelík, Section Manager of ČEZ Clean Technology Department.

The ČEZ Electromobility operates fast-charging stations supplied by ABB Czech Republic. Its standard equipment includes DC connectors compliant with CHAdeMO and CCS charging standards, which allow the charging process with the output of up to 50kW. They also offer AC charging with a socket compliant with the Mennekes standard, the charging output of which can reach up to 22kW.

“We are very proud that we, together with ČEZ, are creating the future of sustainable mobility in the Czech Republic. As a leader on the e-mobility market, we strive to provide systems with high technical quality and reliability, which will guarantee sustainable development of e-mobility also in the future“, is what Tanja Vainio, the Chief Executive Officer of ABB for Czech Republic and Slovakia, hopes will be achieved as the result of the construction.

ABB stations are connected to a platform operating on the cloud principle, which allows real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics of the equipment, including energy consumption or calculation of statistics for a particular time period. These functions are provided by the “Drive Care” and “charger Care” applications.