4. 4. 2023

Headquarters of Komerční banka from Societé Génerale Group Has Solar Power Plant from ČEZ ESCO on Its Roof

*Komerční banka from the Societé Génerale group has a photovoltaic system on the roof of its Prague headquarters

*210 panels will generate almost 100 MWh of electricity per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 36 tonnes

*The “Photovoltaic System for 1 CZK” model, which allows a customer to purchase a power plant without investment costs, was used for the installation

This helps Komerční banka get closer to its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2026. The installation work has already been completed by ČEZ ESCO, which focuses on energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions for companies, municipalities and the public administration. The photovoltaic power plant at Komerční banka’s headquarters in Prague’s Stodůlky district has more than 200 panels and produces almost 100 MWh of emission-free electricity annually.

Komerční banka wants to be carbon neutral by 2026, while ČEZ Group plans to reduce the use of coal to a minimum by 2030 and replace it with low-emission and renewable sources in electricity production. Proof that the two large companies are serious and want to work together to achieve these goals is the joint Photovoltaic Power for CZK 1 product, the development of which was assisted by KB’s subsidiary SG Equipment Finance (SGEF). It allows a customer to purchase a rooftop photovoltaic power plant without investment costs. Komerční banka is following suit, becoming one of a number of companies to have a photovoltaic power plant installed in this way

“In the Komerční banka Group, we place particular emphasis on responsible business, digitalisation, process optimisation and cost efficiency. We are delivering on our long-term sustainability commitments, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2026. A sustainable future is an absolutely key topic for us and all our activities are proof of this. I am therefore happy that we managed to install a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of our main building in Stodůlky together with ČEZ ESCO. We are the first bank in the Czech Republic to generate solar energy on the roof of its headquarters in this way. I believe that we will be an inspiration for other banks as well,” said Jan Juchelka, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Komerční banka. 

Photovoltaic System for 1 CZK

ČEZ ESCO not only installs the panels, but also ensures their operation for 25 years and guarantees the supply of electricity to the Komerční banka building at an agreed price. Komerční banka then repays the investment in the price of the electricity it receives, which will be significantly lower than what the bank currently pays for supply from the grid. After 15 years of operation, KB can also buy the plant for CZK 1 and continue to produce its own energy. The modern 450 Wp half-cut panels, in combination with SolarEdge inverters with power optimisers, enable the generation of electricity even when the panels are partially shaded. Monitoring via a web application guarantees the quick detection of potential faults and minimises production losses. In order to keep the roof load as low as possible, a spreading lightweight steel structure was chosen; it also provides a reserve for above-average snow cover.

“Companies and municipalities across the Czech Republic have recently been demanding photovoltaic systems in a big way. Solar power plants are a domestic source of emission-free electricity, an effective tool for reducing energy costs and, in times of energy crisis, they significantly strengthen the energy security and self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic. ČEZ ESCO wants to help build hundreds of megawatts of power for our customers: companies, municipalities and Czech towns and cities. Komerční banka and SGEF are a partner on this joint journey with a clear vision, which does not hesitate to prove its trust in modern technologies by its own example,” added Kamil Čermák, CEO of ČEZ ESCO.

Eva Jiránková (SGEF), Jan Juchelka (KB) and Kamil Čermák (ČEZ ESCO) at the press conference. “I can confirm great interest in the Photovoltaic System for 1 CZK product. Last year, when it was a new product in our range, we dealt with more than 130 inquiries and approved the financing of solar power plants in an amount over CZK 170 million,” said Eva Jiránková, Sales Director of SG Equipment Finance.

On an area of just under 1,000 sqm, more than 200 solar panels have created a 94.5 kW power plant that converts solar energy into 96.6 MWh of emission-free electricity every year. The energy produced is completely consumed by the building.

The power plant has been completed. The administrative processes of connecting to the distribution grid are currently underway.

Komerční banka is the parent company of the KB Group and is part of the Société Générale financial group. KB is a universal bank with a wide range of retail, corporate and investment banking services. Komerční banka Group companies offer other specialised services, including pension insurance, building savings, leasing, factoring, consumer loans and insurance. KB also operates in Slovakia through a branch focused on servicing corporate clients.

ČEZ ESCO is a leading Czech expert in energy saving solutions, a supplier of emission-free and green electricity through certificates of origin, and a partner of Czech industry and public administration on the path to decarbonisation and sustainability. It provides comprehensive solutions for energy needs - from the installation of decentralised environmental-friendly resources including battery storage, through turnkey corporate electromobility to energy saving projects and comprehensive deliveries of technical building security (TBS). It has approximately 2,000 employees. ČEZ ESCO subsidiaries include AirPlus, AZ KLIMA, CAPEXUS, ESCO Distribution Systems, ČEZ Energetické služby, ČEZ ENERGO, Domat Control System, E-Dome, EP Rožnov, ENESA, HORMEN and KART. More at www.cezesco.cz ČEZ ESCO wants to build or operate photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 300 MW for its customers’ needs by 2030. The installations will be mainly on rooftops, carports and at the customers' production premises.

SG Equipment Finance, a subsidiary of KB, is one of the leading finance companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It provides financial leasing, operating leasing and loans to more than five thousand clients. It finances investments in machinery and equipment, agricultural equipment, transport equipment and modern technologies.