24. 8. 2023

The largest photovoltaic power plant in the centre of Prague is now in operation and will cover 10% of the annual electricity consumption of the Prague Congress Centre

The new photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the Prague Congress Centre has begun supplying electricity. With its 2 080 solar panels, this emissions-free electricity source will cover 10% of the annual consumption of the Prague Congress Centre and thus provide estimated annual energy savings of CZK 5.5 million. The plant, as large as a football pitch, is a complement to one of the largest energy-saving projects in the Czech Republic implemented at PCC by ENESA from ČEZ ESCO.

“We had been planning a photovoltaic power plant on our building’s roof for several years. Its implementation is also a logical step as it is directly linked to the comprehensive energy-saving project already successfully under way at the Prague Congress Centre. Last year, the effectiveness of the implemented measures meant that we actually saved a whole quarter more than we have guaranteed. Generating our own electricity using the photovoltaic power plant on the roof will reduce our energy costs even further, and the operation of the building will be even more environmentally friendly,” says Prague Congress Centre CEO Lenka Žlebková.

When selecting a photovoltaics supplier, PCC chose the innovative ČEZ ESCO “Photovoltaics for CZK 1” model. This means that PCC obtained a power plant with an installed capacity of 936 kWp without any investment costs, as these costs were borne by the supplier, ČEZ ESCO, which installed the plant for the customer and will now operate it. PCC will repay the investment through the price of electricity it consumes. At the end of the 13-year contract, Prague Congress Centre will purchase the plant for just one koruna and continue to generate its own energy.

The construction of a photovoltaic power plant larger than a football pitch in the centre of Prague was no easy task. The designers, for example, had to carry out tests on a sample of panels on the roof to prove that the reflected sunlight would not dazzle either people in the surrounding area or, for example, visitors to the Petřín Lookout Tower several kilometres away.

“The Prague Congress Centre is an example of a very successful energy-saving project with a guarantee. The photovoltaic power plant on the building roof will reduce energy costs, and also the building’s overall carbon footprint. I hope that the effectiveness of this cost-saving project at the Prague Congress Centre will motivate more owners of similar buildings in our cities and municipalities to also consider such cost-saving measures. The potential savings for public buildings are enormous, with our estimate being around CZK 20 billion a year,” says ČEZ ESCO CEO Kamil Čermák.

The EPC energy-saving project at the Prague Congress Centre is one of the largest-ever projects of this type in the Czech Republic. ENESA from ČEZ ESCO guarantees PCC annual savings of at least CZK 24 million. If the savings are less, the provider will cover the difference. Last year alone, the high energy prices meant PCC actually saved much more – around CZK 50 million. The total savings achieved in the seven years the project has been running are CZK 209 million, meaning a reduction in costs for electricity, gas and water of over 35 percent. The project also provides an environmental benefit, as CO2 emissions have also been reduced by 72 000 tonnes.

Prague Congress Centre (PCC) is one of the largest congress centres in the Czech Republic, offering 70 halls and rooms for holding events ranging from small conferences to large congresses, equipped to the highest technical level. One advantage is its excellent transport accessibility to the nearby city centre, thanks to which it also offers a beautiful view of historic Prague. PCC also includes Business Centre Vyšehrad and the four-star Holiday Inn Prague hotel with 254 rooms. PCC has received the prestigious Superbrands award several times in a row, and the EKO Gold certificate for sourcing energy from renewables. For more, see www.praguecc.cz.

ČEZ ESCO is a leading Czech expert in energy-saving solutions, a supplier of emissions-free and green energy, and a partner for Czech industry and public administration on the path to decarbonisation and sustainability. It provides comprehensive solutions for energy needs – from the installation of photovoltaics, cogeneration and other decentralised ecological sources including battery storage, through turnkey corporate electromobility to energy-saving projects and comprehensive building services. ČEZ ESCO employs around 2 000 people and wants to construct or operate for its customers’ needs photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 300 MW by 2030. These will primarily be installed on roofs, carports and at its customers’ manufacturing facilities. ČEZ ESCO subsidiaries include AirPlus, AZ KLIMA, CAPEXUS, ČEZ Energetické služby, ČEZ ENERGO, Domat Control System, EP Rožnov, ENESA, ESCO SLOVENSKO, HORMEN and KART.