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ČEZ aims to be among the top 20% of energy companies in sustainability rating by the decade’s end. A new department will see to it.

By the end of this decade, CEZ Group wants to be between the 20% of the best-rated energy companies in Europe in terms of sustainability ratings. The new ESG department led by Katerina Bohuslavová as the Chief Sustainability Officer will see to the fulfilment of the goal. ESG indicators play an increasing role in the decision-making not only of investors, banks, and insurance companies, but also customers and employees.

13. 10. 2021

Charity and sponsoring

The fundraiser among ČEZ employees to help people impacted by tornado was a success: Moravian municipalities will receive CZK 15.5 million

The extraordinary June fundraiser among ČEZ Group employees in support of the Moravian municipalities affected by the tornado yielded more than CZK 2.7 million. The ČEZ Foundation matched that amount, sending over CZK 5.5 million crowns for specific projects. The money will help primarily with expenditures not covered by insurance. Immediately after the event, the ČEZ Foundation released CZK 10 million in emergency aid. In total, ČEZ helped the people of the Břeclav and Hodonín regions with CZK 15.5 million.

1. 9. 2021

Environment and renewable resources
Power plants

ČEZ has increased production in hydroelectric power plants by 68%

• Thanks to the production of hydroelectric sources, 528,000 tonnes of coal did not have to be burned, and therefore 495,000 tonnes of CO2 did not have to be released into the air. Such are the impacts that would have resulted from the production of the same amount of energy in conventional power plants.

• Upgrades and efficiency improvements of hydroelectric plants that help save water are also ongoing.

• For the coming years, ČEZ is planning solar parks with a capacity of thousands of MWs.

Hydroelectric plants (not including pumped storage plants) operated by the ČEZ Group in the Czech Republic generated 684 GWh of electricity in the first half of this year. The year-on-year growth was driven mainly by large hydroelectric power plants. The volume of energy from these “green” sources will cover the consumption of 390,000 Czech households for six months.

23. 8. 2021

Environment and renewable resources

The first step to towards the construction of the Gigafactory. The MIT and ČEZ sign a memorandum

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and ČEZ have signed a Memorandum on the preparation of a project for a factory that makes battery cells for electric cars, known as Gigafactory. The documents set out the basic conditions for establishing the factory and form a foundation for an agreement with other potential investors in the company, in which a representative of the automotive industry and a battery manufacturer would also be involved, in addition to ČEZ. An investment in the project, which has an annual production capacity of 40 GWh, will amount to at least CZK 52 bn, and 2,300 jobs should be created.

27. 7. 2021