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Sustainibility and ESG
Environment and renewable resources
Power plants

ČEZ Group develops unique solution for securing photovoltaic panels in unstable subsoil

The central sections of conveyor belts in strip coal mines could serve as structures for carrying photovoltaic power plants in the future. Normally, these structures are bored into the ground; however, the common solution cannot be used in areas with unstable subsoil, such as spoil heaps, waste ponds, and other unfirm areas. Engineers from PRODECO, a company from the ČEZ Group, have been developing prototypes that are able to cope with moving soil. Moreover, retired mining equipment could get a second life and a new purpose. In pursuing its vision of Clean Energy for Tomorrow, ČEZ Group will build new photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of thousands of MWs by 2030.

24. 5. 2024

Economics and financial news

ČEZ Group earned CZK 13.6 bn in Q1, up by one quarter year on year

Operating earnings before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) in Q1 reached CZK 40.3 bn., which means year-on-year growth of CZK 7.8 bn. Net profit amounted to CZK 13.6 bn, CZK 2.7 bn. more year on year.
ČEZ Group confirmed its full-year outlook for 2024: EBITDA between CZK 115 and 120 bn. and an adjusted net profit between CZK 25 and 30 bn.

14. 5. 2024

Sustainibility and ESG
Environment and renewable resources

CEZ Group 2023 Sustainability Report: direct GHG emissions down by 12%, investments into sustainable activities up by CZK 4.7 billion

CEZ Group production continues becoming greener. Last year, the company reduced direct greenhouse gas emissions by 12% year on year, which corresponds to a saving of approximately 2.2 million tonnes of CO2. CEZ is on a good track to achieve its goal of climate neutrality by 2040. Simultaneously, the biggest Czech utility increased investments in taxonomy-aligned activities: last year, they accounted for over two-thirds of all investments, up by CZK 4.7 billion year on year. Recent ESG statistics are presented in the new CEZ Group Sustainability Report 2023. It presents close to 300 diverse environmental, social, and governance indicators.

3. 5. 2024

Nuclear power plants

Elektrárna Dukovany II of the CEZ Group received supplemented bids from bidders for the construction of a new nuclear source in Dukovany and binding options for three additional nuclear units

Elektrárna Dukovany II (EDU II), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ČEZ, has received supplementary bids for the construction of a new nuclear source in Dukovany. The bidders have submitted updated bids for the fifth unit of Dukovany and now also binding options for additional three units. French-based EdF and KHNP of South Korea had time until 9:00 AM today to submit their bids. EDU II will now assess the bids from financial, business and technical points of view. The evaluation model is based on recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

30. 4. 2024