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Complex Emergency Practice at Temelin NPP

This Friday, on 10th March 2000, a first complex emergency practice took place at Temelin nuclear power plant. In 0633 hours, a situation associated with the leakage between the primary and the secondary circuits in the first unit was simulated and the shift engineer called a technical emergency in the first degree.

10. 3. 2000

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Temelin NPP Operators Pass State Exams

State exams of Temelin NPP operators started today. The exams will take place until 23rd March 2000. Total of 41 NPP workers in positions of primary and secondary circuit operators, heads of unit control rooms, heads of the reactor unit and shift engineers will sit for the exams.

1. 3. 2000


CEZ managed the last year with a profit of 2.3 milliard Czech crowns

In the last year the CEZ Company reached a net income after taxation in the height of 2,259 Kc mln, i.e. ca by 64.5 % less than in the previous year. We had presupposed a decrease of the profit, even more severe, in the beginning of this year. There are several reasons for it, but the key factors are three - decrease of the domestic demand for electricity, stop of the power plant Tusimice I Retrofit and fall of the Czech crown exchange rate.

29. 2. 2000

JE Temelin traffic

Hot Tests at Temelin NPP start

The Minister of Industry and Trade Miroslav Gregr came today for his already seventh check-day at the Temelin nuclear power plant. In the beginning of his visit lasting for more than three hours, the Minister met representatives of the investor, major contractors and the State Office for Nuclear Safety. Within a working discussion, he was informed about progress of building works, process of starting up and start of hot tests of the first Temelin unit.

26. 2. 2000