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JE Temelin traffic

Hot Tests at Temelin NPP start

The Minister of Industry and Trade Miroslav Gregr came today for his already seventh check-day at the Temelin nuclear power plant. In the beginning of his visit lasting for more than three hours, the Minister met representatives of the investor, major contractors and the State Office for Nuclear Safety. Within a working discussion, he was informed about progress of building works, process of starting up and start of hot tests of the first Temelin unit.

26. 2. 2000


CEZ and MUS Achieves Final Agreement

The mining company MUS and the power-generation company CEZ signed today (25th February 2000) a contract for this year purchases of lignite. Simultaneously, both parties executed to their mutual satisfaction an agreement of settlement solving the recent disputes concerning bills for lignite which CEZ had failed to accept in 1999.

25. 2. 2000


CEZ Prepares the Drawing of the Second Tranche of EIB Loan

The power-generation company CEZ, a.s. has appointed The Sumitomo Bank, Limited, Japan as the arranger of the syndicated security amounting to EURO 85 million in favor of the European Investment Bank (EIB). The security to be given for five years is a prerequisite for drawing the second tranche of the loan granted by EIB, amounting to EURO 85 million.

17. 2. 2000


State Office for Nuclear Safety Approves of Skalka

The State Office for Nuclear Safety (SONS) has granted on 31 st January 2000 to the power-generation company CEZ its permit to locate the construction of the central in-process store of spent nuclear fuel at Skalka. SONS had examined fitness of this locality with regard to nuclear safety and radiation protection and CEZ application with regard to particulars as stipulated by the "Atomic Act".

15. 2. 2000