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EUROVIA CS Group to be driven by emissions-free power from ČEZ

The construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic will be more environmentally friendly, as EUROVIA CS Group newly becomes a user of environmentally friendly power from emissions-free sources. The representative of both companies signed a joined declaration. With the consumption of each 1 MWh of emissions-free power, the country saves 0.6 tonnes of CO2 as compared to traditional electricity from the usual electricity mix, which – given EUROVIA CS’ average annual consumption – amounts to 19,600 tonnes of CO2. EUROVIA CS Group will purchase emissions-free electricity from 1 January 2022 through to 31 December 2023, from ČEZ ESCO, a ČEZ subsidiary.

12. 4. 2021

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Hydrogen, e-mobility, photovoltaics, eco-energy, successful sales – CEZ Group´s investment fund boasts with a portfolio of companies operating on five continents

CEZ Group’s venture capital fund Inven Capital has examined some 2,400 investment opportunities throughout Europe since 2015, selecting 14 for implementation, including two in the Czech Republic. Companies from their portfolio have launched many innovative projects that will contribute to the fulfilment of global decarbonisation targets, whether in the area of hydrogen technologies, solar energy, energy efficiency and savings, or e-mobility. Inven Capital has already successfully exited two companies, selling them to global players such as Microsoft and Shell. CEZ Group and the European Investment Bank have backed Inven Capital with EUR 240 million, of which approx. EUR 130 mil. have already been invested.

30. 3. 2021

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The Tušimice battery tested well

A sudden drop in power frequency in the grid requires back-up sources capable of restoring the balance within 30 seconds. In their BAART project, ČEZ and ČEPS tested the connection of a high-capacity battery system for providing power balance services, in particular automatic frequency regulation. The first 16 scenarios tested simulated actual operational situations and conditions, including up to 37 activations of automatic charging/draining of the battery store per week – that is the balance of the battery located at the Tušimice Power Plant grounds. During the one-year test, its reliability and ability to quickly respond to frequency deviations was proven.

23. 3. 2021

Environment and renewable resources
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ČEZ helps build Europe´s hydrogen energy via Sunfire, most recently in France and Spain

Germany’s Sunfire, in the portfolio of the ČEZ Inven Capital investment fund, is launching major new projects. In France, production of green aircraft fuel will be launched, while in Spain, hydrogen will help decarbonise the country’s ceramics industry. Europe is increasingly focusing on hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels. Hydrogen production capacity of more than 1 GW is currently in operation in the EU and another nearly 200 projects are in the pipeline.

9. 3. 2021