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The future of the energy sector in the Czech Republic

As a traditionally industrial country, the Czech Republic has a very robust power system.  In order to be able to rely in the future on having affordable electricity at any time and any place, we must perceive the changes that are happening in the energy sector and adapt to them.

On the basis of long-term scientific research and evidence, the vast majority of experts agree that the rapid increase of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere is causing climate change across the planet.  That is why most countries, including the Czech Republic, have voluntarily committed to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  In this regard, an energy sector based on the burning of fossil fuels is one of the largest polluters.  In the near future, it will therefore have to be phased out and replaced with emission-free sources.

The Czech energy sector in the 21st century

Coal-powered plants still account for the decisive part of the Czech power system, producing more than one half of all power.  But the country will have to stop burning coal to produce electricity.

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