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Donorship and Sponsorship Programme


An integral part of our corporate culture, philanthropy, characterizes CEZ Group as a long-term supporter of education, culture, sports, and community life through corporate donorship. Philanthropic activities at CEZ Group have long been governed by the motto: "We help where we operate".

Once again in past years, CEZ Group continued to fulfill one of the pillars of its social responsibility through active donorship. CEZ Group's long history of donorship initiatives makes it one of the most active corporations in the Czech Republic in this area.

In 2016, CEZ Group companies donated a total of CZK 563 million. Of this amount, direct donations accounted for CZK 351 million and contributions to the Nadace CEZ foundation totaled CZK 212 million.

nadace logoNadace CEZ (CEZ Foundation)

Over its twelve-year history, the Nadace CEZ foundation (www.nadacecez.cz) has distributed donations totaling nearly CZK 1.9 billion to 6,600 public-benefit projects.


Oranžové hřištěIn 2016, the foundation supported 1003 projects with a total amount of CZK 197.075 million. Funding support focused on
programs that responded to society's current needs. Orange Stairs helped integrate more handicapped students into the
mainstream learning process, Orange Classrooms supported students' interest in technical subjects, Support for Regions gave
new opportunities for developing community life. Orange Bicycle got the general public involved in helping the needy.
For the fourth time, the Nadace CEZ foundation was a partner of "Making Wishes Come True, Thinking of Others", a CEZ Group
employees charity initiative.

Support for Education

ČEZ, a. s. has been implementing an education program, entitled World of Energy, since 1992. Through it, ČEZ, a. s. provides schools, teachers, and students a long-term program supporting education in technical and science-related fields. In addition to popularization, its goal is to give students positive motivation to study power engineering and spark their interest in a future career in our field. The program is open to all schools in the Czech Republic and offers them high-quality materials, panel discussions, special seminars, and tours. As a general partner, ČEZ, a. s. supports the Academy of the Sciences of the Czech Republic's "Science Week" event as well as Expo Science, the biggest national science competition for high-school students. In addition, the Company organizes its own science competition for university students and the CEZ Prize for theses and doctoral dissertations.

Advertising Partnerships  

As a major corporation, CEZ Group provided advertising-based support to a number of community projects, large and small, from various walks of life. Through sports-related projects connected with environmental protection, we are a traditional supporter of trails for cycling and cross-country skiing, providing funding for their maintenance.

In accordance with tradition, CEZ Group engaged in partnerships in countries where it operates:

  • Support in regions - Rio Park Lipno, ZOO Liberec, ZOO Dvůr Králové, Jičín - town of fairytales, Day of the Police of the Czech Republic, District Football Association Mělník, Triatlon Mělník, Chewy Festival Žatecká dočesná 2016, St. Wenceslas wine harvest in Kadaň
  • Culture and the arts - Colours of Ostrava music festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (51th edition), Days of people of good will - Velehrad 2016, Folk Summer Vacation in Náměšť nad Oslavou, Festival Vysočinafest Jihlava "Pocta sv. Cecílii" - concert of Jiří Stivín, Prague Proms Festival, Shakespeare summer fest, „Anifilm 2016“  - The International Festival of festival of animated film
  • Amateur sports - Lipno sport fest 2016, Skitour cross-country skiing trail, Lipno sport fest 2015, ČEZ Bedřichovský Night Light Marathon, ČEZ Pilsen Half Marathon, ČEZ Bike Prague, Riverside Cross 2016, Dolomiten Man, Bike Čeladná, Adrenalin Cup
  • Professional sports - the Czech Olympic Team (2001-2016), ČEZ Jizerská 50, Traditional rowing races Primátorky Skupiny ČEZ (103nd edition), World Cup Slalom Racing, Jiz50 RUN, Mountain bikes World Cup, ČEZ Basketball Nymburk basketball team, ČEZ Karlovarsko volleyball club, Rytíři Kladno ice-hockey team, awards ceremony Golden Hockey Stick and Sportsman of the Year 2016, Golden Helmet (Zlatá přilba, 68th edition), Support of Talent team
  • Education - Science and Technology Week, "Vědohraní" Competition, Day with experimental physics, Junior Inovator, UP Conference, Campaign Safely from school to school - Suitcases for Firstborn, Carlsbad legal conference days, Regional meeting of the Union of municipalities, Festival of Science, Prague Security Conference (11th edition), Czech Head Competition
  • Aid for the needy - 4rd charity curling tournament, Sue Ryder Charity Cup, Michal Velíšek Price 2016, Camp of newcomers and novice athletes - wheelchair athletes, Slovácký humanitarian prom, Beneficial prom (8th edition), Beneficial music and theater festival Cihlafest, Back to Life Festival
  • The environment - Days of Presentation of Agriculture and Food Industry of the Hradec Králové Region, Harvest home Cleaning of of the Hradec Králové Region, Dalešice dam
  • Healthcare - University Hospital Brno, Třebíč Hospital, University Hospital Plzeň,  Psychiatric Hospital Horní Beřkovice.


CEZ Group's advertising partnerships at the international level focused in particular on supporting sports and cultural events in the areas where we operate. The Group also supported the operation of the www.energiainfo.hu website with power industry-related information.