The Vydra Hydroelectric Power Station

The Vydra Hydroelectric Power StationThe small hydropower plant Vydra is situated near the junction of the Vydra and Kremelna rivers between the villages Rejstejn and Srni in the Susice district. The upper Vydra river has a high fall and, for the most of the year, plenty of water. The power plant construction started in 1937. In 1939 it started to operate as a run-of-river power plant and the full operation started only after the storage reservoir was finished in January 1942.  Water is conveyed from the historical Vchynicko-Tetov canal near Mechov in an underground supply canal into the storage reservoir with the capacity of 67, 000 m3 near the Sedlo settlement. The generator room has two turbo-generating sets consisting of a Francis horizontal turbine with the capacity of 3.2 MW and a three phase generator.

During the years 2005 and 2006, both turbines were modernized, two new pumping aggregates of the regulation and new control system of the plant were installed and the generators of both TG were changed. In January 2007, the operation was changed from run-of-river to peak mode. During off-peak periods, the plant supplies electricity to the grid only in case of sufficient water inflow into the Sedlo storage reservoir. There is a photo exhibition of Sumava hydropower plants, available to the public.