FVE PřeloučAt the end of 2009 was commissioned a small solar power plant as part of a reconstruction of the roof of a small hydroelectric power plant in Přelouč in 2009. The facility with installed power of 21 kW required an investment of CZK 5.1 million.

The installation of the solar power plant was part of the reconstruction of flat roofs of the switch room and engine room at the hydroelectric power plant in Přelouč. Here a system of thin-film solar elements was used integrated into a new hydro-insulation foil on the power plant roof.

The photovoltaic system covers a total area of 600 m2 and its installed power is 20.8 kWp. Individual photovoltaic strips are hot-air welded. Cabling is led in insulation grooves from the strips to current inverters which are situated in the hydroelectric power plant building. Solar electricity has been produced here since the beginning of this year.

The small hydroelectric power plant in Přelouč has the function of a constant load power plant on the 116<sup>th</sup> kilometre of the Labe River. It was equipped with four Francis vertical turbines of the Prokop & sons company – Pardubice. Two turbine generators with the original turbines are still in operation; however the other two were replaced with vertical Kaplan turbines in 2003. The power plant has been operating reliably for more than 80 years. For the past year it has produced a total of 8.6 million kWh, which would cover an annual demand of almost 2,500 households.