Baben Erweiterung

In December 2016, CEZ Group has acquired another 35 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 85.25 MW in the German market.

One of these wind farms is located at Baben (in the territory of the Province of Saxony-Anhalt).

Operating support is obtained under the contract with wpd windmanager, a sister-company of the reputable seller, wpd AG. The wind farms benefit from the 20-year feed-in tariff.

Fact sheet
  • Number of turbines: 4
  • Turbine type: Enercon E-82 E2
  • Rated power: 9.2 MW
  • Hub height: 138 m
  • Commissioning: 3 WTG: November / December 2015, 1 WTG: February 2016
  • Wind P50 incl. wake effects: 21,539.00 MWh/a