Registration on the supplier portal

Registration to the portal is described in 5 steps. You can see it in more detail in the Registration Manual below.


Email with registration link

In the email that arrives at your company's HKO (Main Contact Person), you will find a link to the registration page on the SAP Ariba portal. Without this link, you will not be connected to CEZ Group on the SAP Ariba portal. By clicking on the link you will be redirected to the registration.

Filling in the registration data

If your company is already registered on the SAP Ariba portal, you will be able to log in using your existing account. Otherwise, you need to register.

Login to the portal created by the SAP Ariba user account

Log in to the SAP Ariba portal to register

Connecting with CEZ group

In order to communicate with CEZ Group via the SAP Ariba portal, you must fill out a short questionnaire, which can be found under the "Proposals and Questionnaires" tab (see manual below). After successful completion of the questionnaire, a confirmation of successful connection to CEZ Group will be sent to the registrant's email.

Adding additional contact persons

If you want to add additional contact persons for your company to SAP Ariba, you can add them in the Settings/Users section, see the PDF manual for registration.

The name of the document File type Size
Manual for registration (PDF) 340 kB

You were not registered on the SUS portal but want to register on the new SAP Ariba portal?

Self-registration is not possible, you will be able to register by agreement with a CEZ Group buyer. To register, you must send a completed Authorization/Disclosure form, see Documents for registering a new supplier.